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What is JANOG

JANOG is the JApan Network Operators' Group. As with a number of other communities which share the same last three letters NOG, JANOG is a forum for network operators, and it focuses on Japan.

JANOG's two major activities are semiannual meetings and a mailing list. Semiannual meetings are held in various cities in Japan in January and July, and gather 400+ participants. The mailing list - janog[at]janog.gr.jp has 6000+ subscribers as of June 2013.

JANOG Web Top Page - http://www.janog.gr.jp/

Join our Meetings?

Our Meetings are in Japanese but we welcome non-Japanese speakers.

Try asking secretariat[at]janog.gr.jp to find details of the meeting and let us know how we can help you joining JANOG meetings if you are interested! We have had several non Japanese speakers presenting at JANOG, or even as just participants.

Presenting at JANOG Meeting

In making a presentation at JANOG, we would appreciate your considerations for the general JANOG attendees, who are mostly not familiar with communicating in English.

Non-Japanese speakers usually arrange an informal interpreter, or have their slides translated in Japanese by a volunteer.

If you are interested in making a presentation at JANOG but cannot arrange an interpreter yourself, you could try consulting the i18n team. Although we cannot guarantee, we may be able to help you on volunteer basis.

What Kinds of Topics Are Appropriate?

JANOG presentations are highly technical in content, and focus on operational issues of critical importance to the operations community.

Attendees are quite sensitive to keeping JANOG presentations non-commercial, and product pitches are strongly discouraged.

As long as it is non-commercial, we are open to any discussions about the internet technologies, operational experience, case studies or any other information relavent to the operations community.


CFP will be annnouced for every JANOG meeting on the JANOG mailing list. Based on the CFP announced, please submit the primary speaker, moderator, or author should submit presentation information and an abstract to meeting-34[at]janog.gr.jp by Email before the set deadline.

       Author's name(s)
       Preferred contact email address
       Submission category (General Session, Panel, or others)
       Presentation title
       Slides (attachment or URL), in PDF (preferred) or PowerPoint format, if you can submit

Registering for JANOG Meeting

If you would like to register for one of the JANOG Meetings but an English registration page is not available for the meeting you plan to attend, contact us at secretariat[at-mark]janog.gr.jp. JANOG staff will handle your registration.

At the Meeting

Please note that presentations and discussions are in Japanese.

Sometimes, we provide translated program titles in English as below: http://www.janog.gr.jp/en/index.php?Meeting%20Archives

Instructions for the conference wireless (WEP/WPA) are usually available in English. If you need assistance, you can ask one of the staff members. They usually wear recognizable logos.

We recommend you to bring extra batteries as power outlets are often limited.

An effort to get JANOG contents available in English - JANOG i18n Team

JANOG has started an effort to communicate in English with a voluntary team. This team is called the "i18n - internationalization" team. This English page is one of the efforts, and some meeting content and documents are often translated into English. Please stay tuned to this page.


Next JANOG meeting


  • Date: 15-17 July 2015
  • Place: Kitakyushu

Meeting Contents on Web

JANOG Meeting contents are published on the JANOG Web at http://www.janog.gr.jp/meeting/ in Japanese. The i18n team works on having these contents available in English on a best-effort basis since JANOG21. This effort will be extended to other past meetings later.

Activities and Information

Mailing List

Working Groups



JANOG Update presentations are available on this page.
Conference slides translated to English sponsored by APNIC


JANOG Committee - The committee which takes care of all of JANOG's activities
JANOG Meeting Committee - The committee which takes care of a JANOG meeting
JANOG i18n Team - A voluntary group for internationalization of JANOG's web contents and communications



Please feel free to e-mail us at secretariat[at]janog.gr.jp for your questions, inquiries and any kind of input such as;

  • Your opinion of the Web page so we can provide better information
  • Questions on the Web contents and JANOG activities
  • inquiries for possible liaison or collaboration

For a message in English, of course a response in English will be returned. ;-)


Housing of JANOG Servers is donated by
NTTPC Communications Inc.

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