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Meeting Information

Date Jan. 27th to 29th 2021
Fees Free
Organizer JAPAN Network Operators’ Group
Host Yahoo Japan Corporation

JANOG47 Meeting goal

I’m Yoshiya Ito/Eiji Tanioka, Chairman of JANOG 47 Executive Committee.
This is the first time for both of us to be chairmen of the executive committee, so we are excited.
On the occasion of the JANOG 47 Meeting in Fukuoka, we would like to introduce the themes and challenges of JANOG 47.
JANOG 47 Themes
The theme of JANOG 47 was “open”.
I have put some thoughts into “open”.
an open “open” in which anyone can participate
“open” capable of open discussion
Opening the Door to a New World “open”
Reduce the threshold for participation, allow more honest discussion and support new challenges
I would like to aim for JANOG 47.
JANOG 47 Challenge
In line with the theme of “open” JANOG 47 decided to hold NETCON, an infrastructure troubleshooting event, as one of its new initiatives.
As a result, we have closed the hackathon that has been popular so far, so we are sorry for those who have been looking forward to the hackathon. However, I had no intention of eliminating hackathons at all, and I thought of holding NETCON as one of the “hands-on event” this time.
The recent rise of cloud services has reduced the opportunities for network engineers to manipulate physical devices. Under such circumstances, I hope that participating in practical NETCON using actual equipment will provide a good opportunity to learn what skills are required in actual field and to test the ability to respond to disabilities.
at last
Although the declaration of a state of emergency has been lifted, the situation remains unpredictable as COVID-19 continues to rage all over the world.
As a result, the previous JANOG 46 meeting was the first local + online meeting in JANOG history.
As for JANOG 47, in accordance with the guidelines of the national and local governments, we are preparing to hold it locally as well as online.
Based on the experience of JANOG 46, we will provide a place where discussions can be held smoothly and seamlessly, connecting local and online.
We look forward to your participation!


E-mail: meeting-47[at]janog.gr.jp