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What is JANOG?

JANOG (JApan Network Operators' Group) is a network operators group, which was established in 1997 for network engineers in Japan. It's an operational and technical community to discuss technologies and operational practices around the Internet.

It runs semi-annual meetings, a mailing-list (janog <at> janog.gr.jp) and working groups (called 'WG') which are to discuss about a technical and operational topic intensively. WGs are formed when a request arises from JANOG members.

The main methods of communication are the mailing list and the semi-annual meetings.

The JANOG mailing list is free and open which anyone may subscribe. There are 7100+ mailing list members as of Jan. 2021.

The meetings are held in January and July of each year in various cities in Japan. No registration fee is required for the meetings (except for social events during the meetings). The number of participants are around 500-800+ depending on meetings.

JANOG Japanese Website - https://www.janog.gr.jp/

JANOG is legally a non-profit voluntary association.

How to join JANOG meetings

If you are interested in joining the JANOG mailing list or attending a JANOG meeting, please feel free to contact committee[at]janog.gr.jp.

Presentations and discussions are mostly in Japanese during the meetings. There may be 1 or 2 English sessions depending on meetings. There are around 10 non-native attendees per meeting.

Making presentations in English is acceptable but rough translation would be recommended.


Activities and Information

Mailing List

Working Groups



JANOG Update presentations are available on this page.
Conference slides translated to English sponsored by APNIC


JANOG Committee - The committee which takes care of all of JANOG's activities
JANOG Meeting Committee - The committee which takes care of a JANOG meeting
JANOG i18n Team - A voluntary group for internationalization of JANOG's web contents and communications



If you have any questions and comments, please feel free to contact us in English at committee[at]janog.gr.jp.


Housing of JANOG Servers is donated by
NTTPC Communications Inc.

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