network automation by deploying API/Web


APIs are commonly implemented on latest Web applications such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. Now, it is no exaggeration to say that API design decides the business winner. And not only for Web applications but also for network infrastructures, APIs are becoming increasingly important. However, in network provisioning API deployment is getting behind.

In this session, we'd like to have discussions and give some presentations with some examples, from the following viewpoints. To begin with, what do API deployments mean to the networks?/How do we automate operations?/What kind of design is needed?/What are the necessary skills?/What kind of problems are there?

  1. The use of API
  2. API deployment on networks
  3. Example(put configuration into router through Web/API)
  4. Software design for API deployments on the network
  5. tools(Sinatra, MySQL, ActiveRecord, NETCONF, JavaScript, jQuery etc.)
  6. necessary skills and future tasks


  • Issei Inoue (IDC Frontier Inc.)


Attach file: filejanog36-automating-network-inoue-english.pdf 142 download [Information]

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