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JANOG Mailing List

JANOG has a mailing list just like any other NOGs: janog[at] It consists of 6000+ subscribers as of June 2013, and subscribers to JANOG Mailing List are cosidered as members of the JANOG community.

The discussions are in Japanese but there are some postings in English, such as global public announcements or any other issues relevant to the JANOG community.

There are some JANOGers post replies back in English if they feel the post is relevant.

If you would like to make global public announcements, or post comments relevant to the JANOG community, you can subscribe from:

Subscription page first appears in Japanese but it's possible to switch to English from pull-down menu options on the top right.

JANOG's mailing list is powered by Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager. has the detail of the JANOG mailing list in Japanese.

By subscribing to the mailing list, note that you are considered to have agreed to JANOG's privacy policy. It is available on the JANOG website in Japanese.

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