Secret provision of IPv6 only network at CEDEC 2015


Yuya Kawakami (CEDEC-Net 2015 NOC)


At CEDEC, a conference of game industry held every summer, we have an activity called CEDEC-Net, in which volunteers from the networking industry and the game industry come together and provide a network for the participants.

At this year's CEDEC 2015, we provided an IPv6 only network using NAT64+DNS64, because Apple Inc. announced that it would add compatibility with IPv6 only networks to its iOS app submission requirements.

Perhaps, it was the first attempt to provide IPv6 only network by default without letting visitors know, what's more, at a non-networking industry conference.

I would like to tell you about what we learnt, the statistical information which we gathered, status of IPv6 compatibility of current mobile devices and the reaction from the game industry.



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