To members of the press (Notes on coverage and articles)

With respect to any and all coverage, reporting, or publication regarding JANOG50 (program announcement, fields BoF, NETCON, venue management, etc.), we ask that you Please observe the following precautions.

・Please obtain the consent of the person in question before posting photos.

・Some of the program presentations include content that will only be made available to the public at the venue on the day of the event.
If the presenter or moderator announces that the content is “for the audience only,” please refrain from writing or publishing the content.

・Please refrain from writing articles that are factually incorrect or that are tied to the content of each program or unrelated topics.

・Please be sure to register your attendance in advance.
If you wish to cover the event on-site, please come to the registration desk on the day of the event and let us know that you wish to cover the event.
If you wish to cover the event remotely, please contact meeting-50[at] in advance to let us know that you will be covering the event.

・After confirming the various instructions for coverage at the reception desk, you will be given a “press tag”.
Please wear the “press tag” at all times while covering the event.

・There is no press seating available in the plenary hall. Please be considerate so as not to cause inconvenience to conference attendees.

・Wearing a “press tag” is not enough to attend the reception.

To all attendees (Notes on information dissemination and article preparation)

Please observe the following precautions regarding the dissemination of information and articles on each of JANOG50’s programs via social networking services.

・Some parts of the program will be open to the public only on the day of the event.
Please refrain from tweeting, blogging, or publishing the content when the presenter or moderator announces that it is “for the venue only.

・When the “NO PHOTO/NO POST TO SNS” icon is displayed on the stage or on the slides, it is prohibited to take photos of the slides and post them on social networking sites.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.