In general, JANOG meeting is held in Japanese, but we are preparing the special session in English in JANOG50.

Special session in English in JANOG50

Date: July 15, Friday
Time: 13:00-14:30 (JST/UTC+9) = 4:00-6:00 (UTC/GMT)
Place: Hakodate city in Hokkaido, Japan
Online: Available by Zoom

This special session is aimed for non-Japanese speakers to know what JANOG participants discuss and share, not only about technical and operational but economical and political topics; this time we will present such as Internet landscape in Japan, collaboration in Japan among eyeball and content/CDN providers to revent surging traffic by an event and software update, brief summary of the past remarkable presentations, and so on.

How to participate in the special session

It is free to participate in this special session but registration is required.
If you wish to participate online, please register via the following URL:

If you wish to participate in person, or participate in other JANOG50 sessions online, please register via the following URL: