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Research Seen from Operation, Operation Seen from Research


There are two fields which discuss about the future of the internet. One of it is the academic field, which includes research and development divisions in universities and companies.

Although there are daily and regular activities in academic field to find a new network architecture for the next generation, there is a gap between the academic field and the other field, which is the network operators’communities including JANOG. There are not enough exchanges of technical knowledge and human interactions between the two fields.

We think such gap results in some undesirable situations. For example, some studies are made where there is no consideration of operational restrictions in real networks. On the other hand, there are some cases where some network operators don't know the solutions which already have been resolved in academic fields. This is a real shame.

In this session, we introduce some SDN application studies from SIGCOMM’14 etc., for trying to break down the status quo. We hope to have good discussions around the view from two fields through the studies. Furthermore, we also hope that for researchers, this session will be the opportunity to find the problems for the practical use to know the opinion from the operation, and for operators to find the new use case of SDN to know the leading edge of case studies.

(Translated by: Norisuke Hirai)


Hiroya Kaneko, NEC Corporation Wataru Ishida, NTT Software Innovation Center

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