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The JANOG 31 Conference will take place in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan from the 24th to the 25th January 2013, it is one of the biggest events of the Internet engineering community in Japan. 800 Internet professionals attend the meeting.

General meeting (24th & 25th January) and BOFHall A
Social event (24th of January)Hall B
  • We will have tutorials on the 23rd January, details can be found here.
  • Questions? Please contact secretariat at
  • Fees
    • Plenary sessions (DAY1 & DAY2): Free
    • Social event: 6,000 JPY


  • Registration is closed.


JANOG @ Social media


Day 1 - Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Time (JST)ProgramSpeaker
9:45Doors open
10:00Newcomers' orientationJANOG steering committee
10:30Doors open (main hall)
10:45Opening remarks, General announcementTetsuya Akimoto, JANOG31 Steering Chairs
Seiichi Kawamura, JANOG Chair
Kaname Nishizuka, JANOG31 LA Chair
11:00Frequent misunderstandings and the facts about OpenFlowNaoki Miyanaga, NEC Corporation
Akimichi Ogawa,
11:40JANOG UpdateYoshinobu Matsuzaki, IIJ
12:05Experience in operating a monitoring networkTetsuya Akimoto, NTT Communications
13:00Lunch Break (you are on your own)
(13:50)Demonstration of HANA(Hierarchical Automatic Number Allocation: failure restoration in multi-homed networkKenji Fujikawa, NICT
14:10[LT] RIPE 580 Route Flap Damping (Revised recommendations)Shishio Tsuchiya, Cisco
[LT] email address internationalization (the changes since JANOG 25 meeting)Kazunori Fujiwara, JPRS
[LT] Introduction of outbound Port 80 blockingYoshinori Takesako, Cybozu Labs
[LT] IPv4 Transfer from APNIC's perspectiveSanjaya, APNIC
14:35High-speed ping technologyNaoki Tateishi, NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories
14:50Alternate Routing Design and Congestion AvoidanceYoshinobu Matsuzaki, IIJ
15:55The real world post IPv4 Address ExhaustionMasayuki Okada, JPNIC
16:45IPv6 Deployment StatisticsHiroshi Esaki, Task Force on IPv4 Address Exhaustion
Tetsuya Innami, Cisco
18:30-20:30Social Event

Day 2 - Friday, January 25th, 2013

Time (JST)ProgramSpeaker
9:30Doors open
9:45General announcementYuya Kawakami, JANOG31 LA Chair
9:50Softwire WG Activity ReportsShishio Tsuchiya, Cisco
Satoru Matsushima, Softbank Telecom
Shuichi Ohkubo, Sakura Internet
10:40”Quality”is a buzzword!! Global scale Transit ISP selection with practical use of routing information.Katsumasa Horiuchi, Rakuten
11:45Let's talk about Operations and Level of Services(Coordinator) Katsuyasu Toyama, NTT Communications
(Panellist) Martin J. Levy, Hurricane Electric
Shin Shirahata, Clara Online/USONYX
Hiroo Okada, IIJ
13:00Lunch Break (you are on your own)
(13:55)How we build JANOG31 conference networkYuya Kawakami, JANOG31 LA Chair
Yuya Takahashi, JANOG31 LA
14:15The Impact of Modern ApplicationsMasaki Fujimoto, GREE
Yoshinori TAKESAKO, Cybozu Labs
Jumpei Yoshino, mixi
16:00Internet Communities outside JANOGIzumi Okutani, JPNIC
Seiichi Kawamura, NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.
16:50The future of the InternetRyoko Nakanishi, MKI
Takashi Ohmoto, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)
Katsuyuki Hasebe, NTT Communications
Yuichi Minami, NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.
17:45Introduction of the Next JANOG meetingOsamu Iwasaki, JANOG steering committee
18:30Closing remarks
18:30-20:00BoF (Parallel session)
[BoF] RPKI Hackathon progress report and its impressionTomoya Yoshida, INTERNET MULTIFEED CO.
Taiji Kimura, JPNIC
[BoF] wakamonog updateTaiji Tsuchiya, NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.
[BoF] GeoIP BoF ~Why we can't connect to Dragon Quest X from our town!?~Shishio Tsuchiya, Cisco
Hayato Kazama, Cyber Area Research
[BoF] DNSSEC: Activity report and challenge for deploymentYoshiki Ishida, JPIX
Yoshiro Yoneya, JPRS
Tsuyoshi Toyono, NTT
[BoF] Do you know Design Pattern?Ken Sasaki, Sophia Research Institute
Miya Kohno, Cisco Systems

Network Connectivity Information

Wireless service is available in the conference room.

We're offering six networks in the JANOG31 conference hall.

janog31Main Conference NW (802.11a)
janog31-bgMain Conference NW (802.11b/g)
janog31-map-e1MAP-E Experimental NW1
janog31-map-e2MAP-E Experimental NW2
janog31-464xlat464XLAT Experimental NW
janog31-ds-liteDS-Lite Experimental NW
janog31-hanaHANA Experimental NW
  • ALL SSIDs employ WPA2.
  • The password can be found in the meeting brochure, which is available at the information desk.
  • If your wireless devices supports IEEE802.11a, we suggest to use the "janog31" SSID for optimal performance.
  • Please refrain from using wireless APs (e.g. mobile routers) in the conference room.
  • Please keep in mind the security of your devices and use of the network is at your own risk.
  • All networks are IPv4/IPv6 dual stack.
  • We may publish a achievement of conference network's operational experience; In that publication, we may include traffic data that is collected in the conference network as basic data. The traffic measurement methods are SNMP, NetFlow and sFlow. However, we do not collect information that identifies an individual.

For more details on network, please refer to Please also check Japanese page.

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