Girl’s Talk in JANOG36


In recent years the number of female network engineers have been on the rise in the IT industry. Being interested in networks has nothing to do with gender! But, even though it has increased, I wonder if it isn’t the case that there is a minority of women in every company that are carrying some sort of worry. And probably women involved with networks are not the only ones worrying; co-workers might be reluctant about how to extend a helping hand.

Women do not wish to be treated differently. But there may be times we come to worry about if it is the right decision to continue on the job. Rather than worrying alone wouldn't you rather share your experiences with everyone else?

In this BoF, we want women who are interested in networks to share information and cooperate, without being conscious of their gender, to help bring about a day in which we can hold hopes in our futures, and do our best by sharing a little common time

Unite network women!

In this BoF we will welcome anyone regardless of gender!


・Chika Yoshimura (NTT America)

・Ryoko Nakanishi (Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co. LTD)

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