Operation of open source network flow tools


It is often useful to monitor traffic flows on the Internet, but because flow monitoring is implemented as an extended function of routers and core switches, it is difficult to activate it ad-hoc. On the other hand, there could be needs that not only large operators, like carriers and IXes, which constantly monitor the state of their traffic flows, but small operators and researchers occasionally try to measure and understand the characteristics of the network or the overview. If there is a open source tool which can collect flows, it could meet such needs. For wide range of the real operation like DDoS mitigation, traffic engineering and SDN, more flexible flow search method is more preferable.

In this session, we like to introduce operational methods and use cases of flow tools like pmacct.


  • Noriyuki Arai (BBIX)
  • Paolo Lucente (pmacct Project)

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