Issues in standarization - case of TRILL/SPB


About 3-4 years ago, TRILL/SPB(IEEE 802.1aq) was born as a new protocol replacing Spanning Tree.

The specification is getting fixed and the number of use cases is increasing.

To be precise these 2 protocols are actually different protocols, however they provide almost the same functionality from the point of view of the user.

Most implementations of TRILL are already under vendor lock-in, and, in addition, vendors have divided them into TRILL sect and SPB sect thus interoperability has been lost within the same protocol.

Is this trend really making users happy?

We like to discuss how standardised and proprietary technologies should be used and where to use them, using the example of TRILL/SPB.


  • Osamu Kurokouchi (GREE, Inc.)
  • Ryuichi Takashima (DMM.com Labo)
  • Akira Suzuki (Brocade Communications Systems Inc.)

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