BGP Flowspec Interoperability Test @ Interop Tokyo 2015 ShowNet


BGP Flowspec was one of the topics discussed at a previous JANOG meeting (JANOG35). It has been already deployed in some ISPs outside of Japan.

In Japanese ISPs there is also a possibility that in the future it will become popular and be deployed.

At Interop Tokyo 2015 ShowNet, which was held in July 2015, an interoperability test of BGP Flowspec was conducted on the Interop venue network by three router vendors, one test equipment vendor and one flow collection systems vendor.

In parallel with the test, they also deployed and operated a DDoS mitigation service with BGP Flowspec in the network.

In this talk, we share some issues regarding interoperability that were found during the test and discuss our use case for BGP Flowspec.


Shuichi Ohkubo (ShowNet NOC Team member)


Attach file: file20150717-janog36-bgpflowspec-english.pdf 466 download [Information]

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