how to establish rules of the Internet


The current Internet has been operating for the last few decades based on rough agreements among participants and past efforts on the strict standardisation of protocols.

Now the hurdles for participation in Internet operations has gotten lower, because the design patterns to choose proper equipment and to observe the rules have been shared. By the way, how are those rules which maintain this comfortable Internet established and modified?

When the Internet requires maintenance or modification due to internal or external demands, technology communities like JANOG have to understand the procedures to do so, and to always be prepared to do so.

In this program, we would like to discuss this difficult and unpopular topic with familiar problems and share our motives to proposing this program. And then we want you to be interested in the rules and the ways to establish them.


  • Masayuki Okada(JPNIC)
  • Akinori Maemura(JPNIC)
  • Taiji Tsuchiya(BIGLOBE Inc.)

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