Welcome beginners! Light lightning talks


At this session, lightning talks from JANOG beginners are most welcome. It's YOUR turn!

In JANOG meetings, there are generally hundreds of attendees and most sessions are webcast. That means two things:
1. Speakers need to make a presentation in front of many people (including people watching the webcast).
2. This may result in JANOG beginners bring hasitant to submit their presentations for the meetings, and speak in front of the public :-)

We would like to encourage such the beginners to do more talks at meetings.

To make a beginner-friendly environment to talk, we will have this session in a smaller room than the main room, where other sessions take place, and also this session won't be webcasted. Feel free to talk about anything!

The CFP for this session is going to be announced on the janog mailing list.


  • To be announced

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