What tests do we make?


Doesn’t matter what kind of network equipment, when it is time to introduce a new machine or upgrade to a new software version, network engineers, whether using open source tools or commercial testers, will begin working on the introduction of new technologies after lots of tests. How about you? How are you testing your switches?

And how are you testing your routers?

There are probably many engineers who are always wrestling and worrying about similar testing as part of their regular work. Let’s talk about what kinds of improvements can be made in our future testing work! I am waiting for your participation!

How are people dealing with the growing number of different machines and different makers?

Right now this is a main point when testing, but if there are any other issues related to testing we would like to test them too, so we want to exchange information.

For the sake of future testing work I have a proposal to make so I would like everyone to hear it.

BoF Chair

Masataka Mawatari (Japan Internet Exchange)


・Hiroyuki Ashida (BBIX) “Data Plane edition: A talk about performance and switching”

・Shuichi Okubo (Sakura Internet) “A talk about bullying a router

・Yugo Ikeda (NTT Communications) “A talk about the verification of VPLS introduction at OCN (Provisional)”

・Shun Koiwa (TOYO Corporation) “What is happening with the testing of network machinery”

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