Ethernet Roadmap


Akira Suzuki (Brocade Communications Systems,Inc.)


Ethernet runs at 10/100Mbps, 1/10/40/100Gbps but the roadmap of bandwidth for each type of physical cable isn't well known. (such as copper cable/twinax cable/optical fiber)

However, there is a group called the Ethernet Alliance, which creates a roadmap and works as a leading source of information about Ethernet. I would like to introduce the future roadmap. But because it's only a roadmap created by the alliance, it's not completely certain, though it's based on standards specifications.

I think that knowing the future of Ethernet as a network operator can be a hint to consider/reconsider more concrete network structures. Our company is a member of it and its president is also from our company. So I would like to share information about it and introduce initiatives by vendors.

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Last-modified: (201d)