Discussion about the Methods for Web Security Education


Kohki Ohhira (Ricoh Company Ltd.)


I created security propagation OSS that can be accepted by those who are not even concerned with web security.
Once I shared this learning in my office, many of those who were not even concerned with web security showed their interest in it.

This OSS enables participants to attack the web site and make them realize that they can also be attacked easily.

In this session, I would like to discuss the following points:
1) Is this kind of training ethically acceptable? (This is because it enables the trainee to attack the web site.)
2) Who are the appropriate trainee to receive such training(s)?
3) In what extent should web attacks be lectured?
4) How are we supposed to consider morals to be taught at the same

On the day of the session, audiences experience real attack using this OSS. You can experience this from your PC, tablet or smartphone to access a server on the Internet. No advance registration is needed.

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