Let's Discuss and Deploy Functions Required for Future IXes


Yuji Sekiya (WIDE Project / The University of Tokyo)


With increasing of a number of cloud/content providors and popularisation of mobile data communication, flows, trends and speed of change of data in the Internet is changing. In the future, with spreading of IoT/M2M, intermittent communications and unexpected event-driven communications are expected to increase.

Under such a situation, how does a role required for core backbone of the Internet, especially Internet eXchange change? There would be functions that will be realised efficiently by being provided by IXes, for exapmle, response to large DDoS attacks threatening the infrastructure itself, achievement of hybrid cloud with original specification of various companies.

In this BoF, we like to invite persons with various background such as ISP, content providor and cloud providor, then have a discussion on role and function of future IX. Any comments will be welcomed such as brain storming ideas or ideas with implementation. Ideas come from this BoF will be considered to be a new function implemented in a new experimental IX, PIX-IE (Programmable Internet eXchange in EDO).

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