Should we rethink the way we record JANOG Meeting? Video broadcasts available publically during a limited time, as a means of keeping record, will preserve the entire content without the possibility of error. However, because these videos are available during a limited time only, after it the period expires one cannot access the content any longer. Others use Twitter and other SNS to tweet the content of the meetings. There are cases in which both methods are used. However, when transcribing oral media into written media there may be leakages of meaning and inaccuracies so one might argue that this is not an appropriate method of keeping record. In the past, a public JANOG log was kept but now this is no longer the case. Is keeping records necessary? If it were, then what kind of format would be suitable? This BoF is being held because during ‘JANOG LT night #1’ when I delivered a presentation titled ‘ #13 the melancholy of a tsudalist’, I received the invitation from IIJ Matsuzaki to do a BoF, so I thought I would like to gather people with an opinion on the matter to discuss it further.

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