View on Japanese peering from RIPE Atlas


RIPE Atlas is a measurement platform consisting of thousands hardware probes around the globe. These probes are hosted by the community of volunteers, and cover from 10% of AS numbers globally, to almost 30% of ASNs in some countries.

Using a tool called IXP-COuntry_jedy, written by Emile Aben from RIPE NCC, a set of mesh-measurements is scheduled form all the probes in all ASNs within a country, and based on those tracreoutes we can visualize & do the interactive analysis of:

  1. Are the paths between Japanese AS-es staying in the country?
  2. How many paths go via local IXP?
  3. Which peer should you add to improve reachability?
  4. What is the difference between IPv6 & IPv4?
  5. Example of my previous talk on this topic:


I will update the slides with data about Japan, closer to the meeting.

Latest data about Japan:


Applicants:Vesna Manojlovic [RIPE NCC]


Randy Bush (IIJ Innovation Institute Inc. )

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