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20th anniversary event of JANOG - 26th Jul. 2017 (Wed.)

Time Agenda Presenter
14:00 Venue Open  
14:20 Opening Announcement Chika Yoshimura (JANOG Chair)
14:30 Keynote Speech 1: What the Internet brought to us No Video Streaming Keiichi Kawai (Niantic, Inc.)
15:15 Break  
15:30 Keynote Speech 2: The endeavor of our Internet sprits with Video Archive Kunihiro Ishiguro (CTO, Aplix Corporation)
16:15 Panel session with successive JANOG chairs - What is ahead of leveraging the Internet technologies with Video Archive Moderator:
Akinori Maemura (JPNIC)
Kunihiro Ishiguro (Aplix Corporation)
Kuniaki Kondo (Mahoroba Kobo, Inc.)
Yuichi Ikejiri (NTT Communications Corporation)
Seiichi Kawamura (Google Inc.)
Chika Yoshimura (NTT America, Inc)
17:30 End of 20th anniversary event of JANOG  
18:00 The eve before JANOG40 Meeting  
19:30 End of the eve before JANOG40 Meeting  

JANOG40 Day 1 - 27th Jul. 2017 (Thu.)

Time Agenda Presenter
9:00 Venue Open  
9:10 Newcomers' Orientation JANOG Committee
9:30 Opening Statement with Video Streaming Chika Yoshimura (JANOG Chair)
Kazuki Nakano (JANOG40 Steering Committee co-Chair)
9:45 Mastodon in JAPAN 2017 with Video Streaming Sasaki Ken (DMM.com Labo Co.,Ltd.)
Yokota Masatoshi (SAKURA Internet Inc.)
10:25 10 predictions about networking and Moore's Law with Video Streaming Shishio Tsuchiya (Arista Networks Japan Limited.)
11:05 Break  
11:20 Exhibition Hall SDN until now and from now with Video Streaming Issei Inoue (VMware Japan)
Conference Room Internet quality measurement~ How about the current measurement method? ~ with Video Archive Makoto Takahashi (SB Cloud Corp.)
12:05 Lunch Break  
13:20 [LT] Traceroute to JANOG40 streaming Masayuki Okada (JPNIC)
13:25 [SP1] Launched an Open Community of Datacenter Industry and Users (JADOG: Japan Datacenter Operators' Group) with Video Streaming Takayuki Ishihara (BIGLOBE Inc.)
[SP2] "QSFP-DD" - Module/Cage/Connector System considering 400G Age with Video Streaming Kazuhiro Kureishi (Cisco Systems G.K.)
[SP3] Network Monitoring by InfluxDB+Telegraf+Grafana with Video Streaming Sato Tetsuhiro (Cisco Systems G.K.)
14:05 Break  
14:10 Exhibition Hall Changes in common sense about DNS with Video Streaming Kazunori Fujiwara (Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.)
Takanori Yamaguchi (Internet Initiative Japan Inc.)
Conference Room BGP Tutorial 2017 with Video Archive Yoshinobu 'maz' Matsuzaki (Internet Initiative Japan Inc.)
15:10 Break  
15:40 "Segment Routing" - Ready for practical use beyond a "Chasm"; and the future of Network Programmability with Video Streaming Takuya Miyasaka (KDDI CORPORATION)
Miya Kohno (Cisco Systems G.K.)
Satoru Matsushima  (Softbank Corporation)
16:30 Abstraction of Configurations with Video Streaming Shishio Tsuchiya (Arista Networks Japan Limited.)
17:10 Internet in Osaka: Past and present No Video Streaming Nobuhiro Takasawa (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Yuichi Minami (BIGLOBE Inc.)
Yuki Ikuno (K-Opticom Corporation)
Konosuke Hara (NTT SmartConnect Corporation)
18:00 End of JANOG40 Day1  
19:00 Social Event (@KORIYAMA VIEW HOTEL ANNEX) *Pre-Registration and fee required.

JANOG40 Day 2 - 28th Jul. 2017 (Fri.)

Time Agenda Presenter
9:15 Venue Open  
9:30 Opening Announcement with Video Streaming Kei Nishida (JANOG40 Organising Committee co-Chair)
9:35 Don't be afraid of "show tech"  with Video Streaming Kinuko Mitsugi (Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd.)
10:30 Break  
10:45 Exhibition Hall A Front-end Engineer Tackled to Improve Yahoo! Japan Network No Video Streaming Kakuya Andou (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Conference Room Networks of LPWA Age with Video Archive Yota Egusa (SAKURA Internet Inc.)
11:25 Break  
11:30 [LT] Tried to Use L3 to ToR by OSPF with Video Streaming Yoshifumi Uetake (mixi, inc.)
[LT] Tried to Automate Peering at ShowNet with Video Streaming Yuya Kawakami (Interop Tokyo 2017 ShowNet NOC team)
[LT] Implementation and Operation of Service Chaining at Interop Tokyo 2017 ShowNet with Video Streaming Shuichi Ohkubo (Interop Tokyo 2017 ShowNet NOC team)
[LT] Automation of Operation in a Career Network and its Problems with Video Streaming Hirokazu Kariya (KDDI CORPORATION)
11:50 Lunch Break  
13:00 [SP4] Manipulation of Network Equipment using OpenConfig with Video Streaming Hirofumi Ichihara (NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION)
[SP5] Easy! Real-time Route Analysis and Visualization of BGP RIB with Video Streaming Toshiya Mabuchi (BIGLOBE INC.)
[SP6] Development of Handmade Load-Balancer with Video Streaming Yohei Kanemaru (LINE Corporation)
13:35 Break  
13:40 Exhibition Hall Learn 2.23.1401.1 via Censys No Video Streaming Yuji Suga (IIJ/Cryptographic protocol Evaluation toward Long-Lived Outstanding Security Consortium)
Conference Room Up to now E-mail, Future Email with Video Archive Takehito Akagiri (Regumi, Inc.)
Daisuke Kodama (BIGLOBE Inc.)
Tatsuya Hayashi (Lepidum Co.Ltd.)
Kuniyoshi Matsushita (SoftBank Corp.)
14:30 JANOG Update & Open Mic with Video Streaming JANOG Committee
15:15 Break  
15:45 Relationship between the Internet and the Phone from Domestic and Foreign Career Battle No Video Streaming Nobusuke Matsuoka (double A one LLC)
YASUKAGAWA Koji (SoftBank Corp.)
16:40 Expectation for Internet Infrastructure from Private Assistance for Disasters with Video Streaming Takuya Oikawa (IT Disaster Assistance and Response Team)
OE, Masafumi (Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Dai Sato (IT Disaster Assistance and Response Team)
Kei Nishida (QTnet)
Shoko Miyagawa (IT Disaster Assistance and Response Team)
17:40 Closing / Next Meeting Announcement with Video Streaming Kazuki Nakano (JANOG40 Steering Committee co-Chair)
Yoshinobu 'maz' Matsuzaki (JANOG Committee)
18:00 End of JANOG40 Meeting