JANOG51 Meeting Information

Venue  Plenary Session: Fujisan Hall (Fujiyoshida Cultural Promotion Association) ( https://www.mfi.or.jp/~fcpa/ )
Social(1/26, evening):HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel ( https://www.booking.com/hotel/jp/highlandresort-spa.en-gb.html )
FeesPlenary Session : Free
Social : charge (¥9,000)
Organizer JAPAN Network Operators’ Group
HostWingtechnology Communications Inc. ( https://www.wintech.ad.jp/index.php )


  • Founded 1997, and still run by volunteers and donations
  • 7200 mailing list members
  • Meetings
    • Held twice a year, usually January and July
    • 2.5 days of plenary sessions
    • 1900+ online and on-site attendees
  • Discussions are in Japanese
  • Foreign languages are acceptable but casual translation is recommended

Message from the Executive Committee Chairs

There will be JANOG51 meeting in Yamanashi, starting on the 25th of Jan. 2023 and ends on the 27th of Jan.
JANOG meeting is a great opportunity of discussion for people in charge of various businesses, including network operators.

The main theme for JANOG51 is “Taking a step forward”.

JANOG has long been supported by attendees, presenters and staffs, and has grown into one of the top-scaled events in the world.
In JANOG51, we are planning to provide more opportunities of being a presenter to various potential applicants by rearranging the required conditions, which has been developing relatively exceeding as the event scale grew.
We expect our change to be an assist for all of you “Taking a step forward”.
Apart from supporting our presenters, we are eager to provide some additional support to our new-comers for “Taking a step forward” as well.
This includes arranging various social events and assisting interactions between attendees on SNS.

Considering the current social situation regarding COVID-19, we are preparing for using both online and offline system of attending/presenting during JANOG51.

We SCs aim at developing a fruitful meeting while rearranging eveyrthing we can to reflect the JANOG community’s power to the full extent.

During JANOG51, there will be a NETCON just like we did in the last meeting.
This time we plan to set a trainee-quota in our NETCON staff member, which is specially designed with an assitance program to learn about network.
Those who’s ready to Change something, why not take your first step now? We want YOU!

JANOG51 SC (Steering Co-chairs)
Katsuya Shima
Naoki Hanai


Meeting Program