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JANOG52 Meeting Information

Date 2023/07/05(Wed) – 07/07(Fri)
Fees Plenary Session : Free
Social : charge (\1,000)
Organizer JAPAN Network Operators’ Group
Host e-side, inc. , UNIVERSITY OF NAGASAKI , Nagasaki Saiko Co,ltd.

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  • Founded 1997, and still run by volunteers and donations
  • 7200 mailing list members
  • Meetings
    • Held twice a year, usually January and July
    • 2.5 days of plenary sessions
    • 1900+ online and on-site attendees
  • Discussions are in Japanese
  • Foreign languages are acceptable but casual translation is recommended

Message from the Executive Committee Chairs

The JANOG 52 Meeting will be held in Nagasaki, Japan from July 5 (Wed.) to 7 (Fri.), 2023.
JANOG meetings are not only for network operators and operators, but also for people from a wide variety of professions to gather and discuss.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “eXchange”.

We would like to make JANOG a place for “exchange” and “switching”.

Three years have passed since the pandemic of the new strain of corona, and our living and working environments, as well as the way we hold events, have changed dramatically.
Despite these restrictions, JANOG has continued to expand, and with your support, it has become one of the events with the highest number of local participants in the world.

The timing of this year’s JANOG52 event is expected to be the first time that the new Corona will be transitioned to a Class 5 model and the various behavioral restrictions will be lifted. For the past three years, the event has been held with restrictions in place,
We expect that it will be possible to hold the event in the conventional format. Once again, please be aware of what kind of association JANOG is,
We hope to make this meeting a place where people can reaffirm that JANOG is a place for discussion and exchange to contribute to the development of the Internet in Japan.

This JANOG meeting will be a hybrid of local + Streaming.
In anticipation of the lifting of restrictions, we are suspending discussion via Zoom and considering a mechanism for providing and presenting a venue for offline discussion and exchange.

Nagasaki was the only city in the Edo period to open its port and the birthplace of the international telegraph, so historically there has been a lot of exchange between the two cities. In a city with such historical background,
We, the Executive Committee, would like to create a “meeting” tailored to each occasion so that the power of the JANOG community can be maximized.

JANOG52 will also hold its first “Hackathon” onsite since before the new Corona pandemic.
After the hackathon, we are planning to have a hackathon get-together,
If you are interested in networking and studying with people from other companies, please join us!

JANOG52 Steering Co-Chairs
Shinichi Ichino
Fumiaki Kato


Meeting Program