Visualization and OAM(*) of Networks with Non-homogenous Configurations. - How Are You All Handling It?-~


Automation, networking by servers, virtualization, overlay.
Each of these are not new but today, it is getting increasing difficult to isolate network failures with the standard common practice of logging in hop-by-hop through SNPP, CLI.

What are the actual challenges in network operations and how are network vendors and operators addressing them?

This session will especially focus on challenges in
visualization of network information, monitoring, OAM,
for regular stable operations as well as for isolation of network failures at the time of troubles, and have discussions with participants:

  • "We have issues because this is not provided"
  • "We are handling it this way!"

(*)OAM = Operation Administration and Maintenance


Ryuichi Takashima (Midokura)
Hiroyasu Ohyama (Gree)
Masakazu Takahashi (IDC Frontier)

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