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JANOG 33 Program

Note: This is the translations of the Japanese programs . Special thanks to JANOG i18n team for the translations.

See JANOG33 Main page for general information about the meeting :

There will be no official interpretations in English, except for the sessions marked as (English session).

Day 0 - Wednesday Jan 22, 2014

15:00-16:30Routing Tutorial
17:00-18:00Informal discussions with Kyushu local operators

Day 1 - Thursday, Jan 23, 2014

9:30- 9:50Venue Opens
9:50-10:20Newcomers' Orientation
10:20-10:50Free time
11:20-11:40JANOG Update
11:40-13:10Lunch Time
JANOG Newcomers Lunch
13:10-14:00Traffic Engineering for Traffic Triggered by Major Events
14:00-15:00Serious Traffic Control and Resource Management for Global Internet Services (English Session)
15:30- 16:00Changes in Traffic Caused by SPDY
16:00- 16:50Peering in 2014
16:50- 18:00Regional Infrastructure Service Provider Dilemmas, and the Future
18:30- 20:30JANOG 33 Social

Day 2 - Friday, Jan 24, 2014

(*1) Operation Administration and Maintenance

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