Developing and Maintaining a Community


There are various types of communities that engineers participate in.

For example, groups of people in a varied scope of work in the same region, groups of people in same scope of work but in different regions, or workshops for those who are interested in a specific technologies. Communities are all making efforts towards launching, sustaining and attracting community members.

In this session, steering groups that organise a community will share...

  • How did we start the community?
  • How do we sustain a community?
  • What are difficulties and tips that communities have?

Most JANOGers are part of other local communities or workshops. Let's have a discussion between the speakers and the attendees! :-)


Toshiharu Mizuno (Chubu Telecommunications Co.,Inc.)
Yasuyuki Kaneko (Global Network Core Co.,Ltd.)
Masanori Fujisaki (HEARTBEATS Corporation)

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