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JANOG 34 Program

Note: This is the translations of the Japanese programs . Special thanks to JANOG i18n team for the translations.

See JANOG34 Main page for general information about the meeting :

There will be no official interpretations in English.

Day 0 - Wednesday July 16, 2014

15:00-17:00Routing TutorialRehearsal Room #1 (Hall Building 7F)
17:30-19:00BoFsRehearsal Room #1 (Hall Building 7F)

Day 1 - Thursday, July 17, 2014

9:30- 10:00Venue OpensMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
10:00-10:30Newcomers' Orientation#nwcmrMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
10:30-10:45Free time
10:45-11:00Opening#openingMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
11:00-11:50Let's Take a Look Inside a Routing Table - For Visualizing Network Events -#rtablMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
11:50-12:20Blind Spots of IPv6 PMTU Blackhole Discovery#6pmtuMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
12:20-13:20Handling and Addressing Security issues: What We Can Do to "Reach Out Properly" and "Do the Right Thing" - "DNS Cash Poisoning Technique" as a case study - #dnsvlMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
13:20-14:30Lunch Time
Newcomers' Lunch#lunch
14:30-15:15Addressing spam after OP25B#op25bMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
15:15-16:00The New Era for DC Networks? - Advantages and disadvantages of white box networking -#whboxMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
16:25- 17:15What Are/Are There Any Expectations for Higher Education from Corporate Enterprises in the Networking Industry?#nweduMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
17:15- 18:00JANOG update and Open mic#opmicMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
18:30- 20:30JANOG 34 SocialJR Hotel Clement Takamatsu

Day 2 - Friday, Jyly 18, 2014

9:30- 9:50Venue Opens Main Hall (Hall building 3F)
Rehearsal Room #1 (Hall Building 7F)
9:50-10:00Administrative Announcements Main Hall (Hall building 3F)
Rehearsal Room #1 (Hall Building 7F)
10:00-10:45Between the Two Cultures - Network Engineers and Software Engineers -#sfengMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
Developing and Maintaining a Community#comopRehearsal Room #1 (Hall Building 7F)
10:45- 11:05Break
11:05- 11:35Lighting Talks#lt4bgMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
Information sharing of "Information Sharing Tools"#itoolRehearsal Room #1 (Hall Building 7F)
11:35- 12:45Lunch Time
Newcomers' Lunch#lunch
12:45- 13:10Lighting Talks#ltMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
13:10-13:50Seeking change in the cost structure of content delivery#lccdnMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
14:15-14:55Invitation to Re-Configure/Transition SSL/TLS Server Settings learned from measures taken with the Open SSL Heartbleed Bug#htbldMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
14:55-15:35Continued Efforts Against Emerging Threats - Update from NTP working group of JANOG - #ntpwgMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
15:55-16:35Let's talk about IP anycast#acastMain Hall (Hall building 3F)
16:35-17:15Stopping full table routing change my life @AS55394Main Hall (Hall building 3F)
17:15-17:30Closing#closingMain Hall (Hall building 3F)

JANOG 34 Meeting Report

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