Seeking change in the cost structure of content delivery


L3DSR was introduced as a method of content delivery in JANOG32. A method of content delivery using L3DSR, mixed with 3rd party next hop will be introduced in this program. The concept of this system is the decreased traffic flow within our own network. This structure harnesses two features. The first feature is that the size of request packets is much smaller than the size of response packets. The second feature is that the AS with the content delivery network does not get much traffic from an IX.

This system may have wide ranging applications, but there are problems that must be solved for practical use. I will introduce problems and the effects, then propose solutions. I want to discuss with you whether the solutions are correct, and whether there are any better solutions.


Junpei YOSHINO (mixi, Inc.)


Attach file: filejanog34-lccdn.pdf 402 download [Information]

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