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Wi-Fi networks for attendees (SSID/PSK)

Standard Netoworks

DescriptionWireless StandardSSIDSecurity ProtocolSupported Protocol
recommend802.11ajanog34WPA2-PSKIPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
-802.11gjanog34-gWPA2-PSKIPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

Experimental Networks

DescriptionWireless StandardSSIDSecurity ProtocolSupported Protocol
The test for Path MTU Blackhole Discovery802.11a/gjanog34-pmtud-testWPA2-PSKIPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
ULA Only802.11a/gjanog34-ula-onlyWPA2-PSKIPv6 ULA
ULA+GUA+IPv4802.11a/gjanog34-ula-guaWPA2-PSKIPv6 ULA+IPv6 GUA+IPv4 private address

Information for using the Wi-Fi networks

  • The Key of WPA2-PSK will be written in JANOG34 brochure.
  • Please note that this Wi-Fi service may stop without advanced notice in some circumstances.
  • Please setup your computer with Anti-Virus and Network Security, connecting to the Wi-Fi network is at your own risk.
  • Wi-Fi may not always be accessible depending on bandwidth capacity, number of users and wireless environments.
  • Personal mobile routers may have a negative effect in the Wi-Fi network service at the venue. Please turn off your mobile router at the venue.
  • the utilization situation and performance of these networks may be announced.
  • The traffic data of these networks may be used for the basic data for a presentation.
  • The traffic data will be sampled by SNMP and xFlow. Private information is not gathered from the traffic data.

Detail of The test for Path MTU Blackhole Discovery

  • ICMP Type=3 Code=4(Fragmentation needed and DF set) will be dropped on IPv4.
  • ICMPv6 Type=2 Code=0(Packet Too Big) will be dropped on IPv6.

Detail of ULA only

  • You can experience IPv6 ULA only network on this network. You will get IPv4 connectivity via DNS64/NAT64 and IPv6 connectivity via NATv6.
  • You will not access the Internet by typing IPv4 address in a URL window of browser. Please type it after the addition of the prefix of NAT64 "64::ff9b" to the IPv4 address converted form base 10 to base 16.


  • When you connect to this network, You will get IPv6 ULA and IPv6 GUA, IPv4 Private Address. You can test how a policy routing of each OSes controls priorities of these protocols and addresses for an experiment.

JANOG34 Network Topology


Attach file: filejanog34-topology.jpg 612 download [Information]

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