BGP Flowspec(RFC5575)


IETF has defined BGP Flowspec as RFC5575, and support products are increasing. Furthermore, TWTC has deployed BGP flowspec in their network. Can you really then use BGP Flowspec on your network without any issues?

Today, most of mobile carriers have deployed LSN and they are using shared IPv4 address. If DDOS traffic comes from home site then ISP may apply filter to drop all of subscribers who are using the same shared IPv4 address. Would BGP flowspec provide useful solution for this situation?

How about BGP flowspec for IPv6? RFC5575 has only defined IPv4, IPv6 is added later as draft-ietf-idr-flow-spec-v6. How is vendor implementation?

We discuss about BGP Flowspec support status/protocol and behavior detail/latest DDOS trend from Arbor report, as well as operational realities and expectations for flowspec from operators' point of view.

(Translated by: Shishio Tsuchiya)


Shishio Tsuchiya Cisco Systems G.K.
Shojiro Hirasawa BIGLOBE Inc.
Satoshi Agatsuma TOYO Corporation

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