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JANOG 35 Program

Note: This is the translations of the Japanese programs . Special thanks to JANOG i18n team for the translations.

See JANOG35 Main page for general information about the meeting :

There will be no official interpretations in English.

Day 1 - Wednesday January 14, 2015

13:00-13:30Venue Opens
13:30-14:00Newcomers’ OrientationRoom#4109
14:30-16:00BoF:What is internet governance?Room#4105
BoF:Disaster drill of wide area networkRoom#4106
BoF:Hubot and ChatopsRoom#4109
BoF:The fastest maintenance championshipRoom#4110
16:30-17:30BGP TutorialMain Hall
17:30-18:30DNS TutorialMain Hall

Day 2 - Thursday, January 15, 2015

9:30- 10:00Venue OpensMain Hall
10:00-10:15OpeningMain Hall
10:15-11:15Research Seen from Operation, Operation Seen from Research opsresearchMain Hall
11:30-12:50Why are We Reluctant to Deploy IPv6?Main Hall
12:50-14:05Lunch Time
Newcomers' Lunch
(13:40-14:05)Come to Fukuoka! Participating in APRICOT-APAN2015Main Hall
14:05-14:25Lightning Talks
- The story that reported the bug to VyOS and had them fixed the issue
- The 3 reasons why students should go JANOG
- SSH by Gnuk Token
- I hate leap second :(
Main Hall
14:25-15:25Considering Availability and Integrity of DNSMain Hall
15:55-16:15NTP Information Exchange WG Update: Situational Information and ISP ResponseMain Hall
16:15-17:15Regional Network Providers - Issues and RequestsMain Hall
17:15-17:30JANOG updateMain Hall
16:15-17:15JANOG 35 SocialGRANDAIR (written in Japanese)

Day 3 - Friday, January 16, 2015

9:30-9:40Venue Opens Main Hall
9:40-9:50JANOG35 Network Update Main Hall
9:50-10:00Administrative AnnouncementsMain Hall
10:00-11:00BGP Flowspec(RFC5575)Main Hall
11:30-12:30Broken, but Still Usable NetworkMain Hall
12:30-13:45Lunch Time
Newcomers' Lunch
13:45-14:00Lightning Talks
- Disaster drill of wide area network
- How to capture packets in the Cloud?
- Name Collision problem update
Main Hall
14:00-15:00MVNO in JapanMain Hall
15:30-16:10Openstack and Network EngineeringMain Hall
16:10-17:10How about trying RPKI?Main Hall
17:10-17:30ClosingMain Hall

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