NTP Information Exchange WG Update: Situational Information and ISP Response


The WG has made updates on NTP reflection attacks to JANOG33.5-JANOG34 to JANOG35. There are some changes in the situation as below in NTP Reflection Attack since JANOG33.5-JANOG34 to JANOG35.

  • Guidelines of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been revised "Guidelines to address the DoS/DDoS and the privacy of communications in the telecommunications company".
  • Some ISPs have released a statement about filtering port 123.
  • (Plan to) Publish documents developed by NTP Reflection Attacks Information Exchange working group.

The situation looks as though we are moving in the right direction solve the problem but after hearing cases from individual operators, there are still some issues. This session will share some discussions in the WG, and seeks to have more discussions and information sharing in this session with each operator.

(Translated by: Miki Takata)


Tomohiro Nakashima NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.
Miki Takata NTT Communications Corporation

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