Collaboration of flow collection and routing


In order to understand the traffic flow and to arrange routing and network resources dynamically, the importance of collecting and analysing flow data is increasing . We've found that we can conduct more interesting analysis and control using a collaboration of flow data and routing data (such as BGP), than using flow data only.

In this BoF session, Paolo Lucente, a network flow specialist, will kindly introduce some test case examples and we'd like to discuss the use of combined flow collection data and routing data. Mr. Paolo is the developer of an open source flow tool called pmacct and has led projects with network operators and content providers for many years. By providing an opportunity for JANOG meeting participants and the developer to have in-person conversations, we'd like to deepen the discussion and achieve further understanding and improvements.

!The BoF discussions are planned to focus on test case examples. As for basic functions and the usage of pmacct, we'd like to introduce them in the program "Operation of open source network flow tools".


  • Noriyuki Arai (BBIX)
  • Paolo Lucente (pmacct Project)

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