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Net-Neutrality from Traffic Management Perspective


Yoshiki Ishida (Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd.) Ichiro Mizukoshi (NTT East Corporation / Institute of Information Security) Toshiharu Mizuno (Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc.)


On capacity of external connectivity, such as backbone networks and transits/peers, most ISP and carrier network engineers have conventionally addressed the issue by designing and building networks within technological and budgetary limits, as well as through traffic management during operation.

On the other hand, with the recent trend of events such as iOS updates which create burst traffic, it is becoming prominent to have discussions on how to handle such cases, which it occupies the bandwidths and continues over a period of several days.

As a separate issue from technological and budgetary limitations, we are starting to hear within and outside Japan about network neutrality, as a new limitation on free and unrestricted traffic management. It was discussed in NANOG last year as well.

Such discussions on Net-Neutrality are not yet discussed in Japan as real life issue, but topics such as zero rating and abolishing of roaming fees are getting increasing attention globally, and it is also starting to take on a reality which could hit Japan with a wave of impact.

This session introduces the recent trend in traffic from engineers’ perspective, as well as conducts discussions on Net-Neutrality from traffic management perspective, and how a position of operators could be relevant.

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