JANOG49 Meeting Information

Vanue KAWASHO HALL ( https://www.k-kb.or.jp/shibun/ )
Organizer JAPAN Network Operators’ Group
HostSYNAPSE Co.,Ltd. ( https://corp.synapse.jp/ )


Meeting Program

Meeting registration

People for which the following apply will not be allowed to participate in the conference.

・If you are not feeling well (for example, if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, etc.)
・People who suspect that a family member or close acquaintance living with them is infected
・People who have traveled to a country or region where the Japanese government has imposed
entry restrictions or required a post-entry observation period within the past 14 days, or those
who have had close contact with a resident of such a country or region
・People who are unable to comply with requests such as wearing a mask at all times in the
*When entering the venue, you will be denied entry if a temperature check detects that your
body temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher
It is recommended that participants be completed their second vaccination against coronavirus
at least two weeks prior to the event.

Meeting registration