Software Packet Processing vs Hardware Packet Processing


Hiroya Kaneko (NEC Corporation)

Yoshihiro Nakajima (NTT Network Innovation Laboratories)

Kentaro Ebisawa (Terrasence)

Masakazu Asama (Ginzado Co., Ltd.)


In recent years, software appliances are getting to be used in real operation of networks according to performance improvement of IA servers. Those software appliances can contribute to reduction of the cost of not only large careers but also middle or small careers significantly by using them appropriately. On the other hand, because the architecture of IA server is totally different from that of hardware switches (including white-box switches), they have different performance characteristics. Therefore, we need to understand both architectures to select equipment correctly.

In this session, both experts of hardware packet processing (mainly ASIC) and software packet processing (mainly IA server) will give a talk and explain good and poor area of them derived from difference of their architectures.

Then, an operator from a regional ISP who is operating software based appliances will share their motivation of introduction and merit and demerit of them. After their talk, we like to discuss on utilization of software/hardware appliances and their future.


Software Packet Processing and Hardware Packet Processing - Introduction - by Hiroya Kaneko

Software packet processing and Hardware packet processing - The advantages and disadvantages - by Yoshihiro Nakajima (NTT Network Innovation Laboratories)

Software Packet Processing and Hardware Packet Processing - Architecture - by Kentaro Ebisawa (Terrasence)

Using a software router by Masakazu Asama (Ginzado Co., Ltd.)

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