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Presentations of JANOG Updates in various meetings

YYYY/MMName of the eventfile
2006/02APOPS@APRICOT2006 Perth
2006/02APIA&ISOC-AU Open Forum@APRICOT2006 Perth
2006/09LightningTalks@APNIC22 Kaohsiung
2007/02Regional NOGs and Updates@APRICOT2007 Bali
2008/02Linghtning Talk@APRICOT2008 Taipei

Attach file: fileJanog update for Apricot2008.pdf 3034 download [Information] fileJANOGupdate@APRICOT2007.pdf 2955 download [Information] fileJANOGupdate-APRICOT2006.pdf 3008 download [Information] fileJANOGupdate-APOPS@APRICOT2006.pdf 2979 download [Information] fileJANOGupdate-APOPS@APRICOT2004.pdf 2998 download [Information] fileJANOGupdate-APNIC22LightningTalk.pdf 3195 download [Information]

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