JApan Network Operators' Group

JANOG Meeting 38 Agenda

Agenda and timetable below are subject to changes as we get closer to the meeting.

The program with live streaming: streaming.gif

The program WITHOUT live streaming: kinshi.png

Day 1 - 6th July, 2016 (Wed.)

Time Agenda Presenter
13:00 Venue Open
13:30 Newcomers' Orientation JANOG Committee
14:00 Opening Statement
14:15 Useful knowledge about Earthquakes: From data centers to the engineer's home streaming.gif Kazuo Ohtake (ICVSOC)
Tetsuro Sasabe (The University of Tokyo)
15:05 Break
15:20 Know more! The course of events until the introduction of leased lines streaming.gif Tomohiro Onodera (ARTERIA Networks Corporation)
16:05 Security Operations: What are you using?streaming.gif Yasunari Momoi (Internet Initiative Japan Inc.)
16:45 Break
QUNOG 5 BoF Masashi Shibamura (Miyazaki Software Center)
Regional Network BoF Hitoshi Tsuchihashi (OKIT CORPORATION)
Yutaka Kumamoto (mitene internet co., ltd.)
How collaborating to fight off increasing DDoS attacks can help us Kaname Nishizuka (NTT Communications Corporation)
Security Operations: What tools do you use? - An enthusiastic talks from the developer of vulnerability scanner: Vuls for Linux and FreeBSD - Yasunari Momoi (Internet Initiative Japan Inc.)
Kota Kanbe (Future Architect, Inc.)
Yujiro Hayashi (Future Architect, Inc.)
Cyber Security BoF Hiroshi Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo)
Sho Aoki (JPCERT/CC)
How to Deal with Unpopular Services - part 2 Yoshiaki Tominaga (NTT-ME Corporation)
18:00 End of Day 1

Day 2 - 7th July, 2016 (Thu.)

Time Agenda Presenter
9:30 Venue Open
9:45 Opening
10:00 Mobile IPv6 behind-the-scenes and for the future - Through the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications IPv6 Study Group kinshi.png Takashi Ito (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
Koji Yasukagawa (SoftBank Corp.)
11:00 XFLAG™ - Network which supports extraordinary adventures streaming.gif Junpei Yoshino (mixi, Inc.)
11:45 Break
12:00 Technologies supporting Zero-Rating and local regulations streaming.gif Yoshiki Ishida (Japan Network Enabler Corporation)
Ittetsu Hataya (Nokia Solutions and Networks)
Tatsuya Kurosaka (Kuwadate, Inc./Keio University)
13:00 [LT] Possibilities of SDN for regional IX streaming.gif Tatsuya Tohyama (OKIT CORPORATION)
[LT] What has happened and corresponded for Kumamoto Earthquakestreaming.gif Kei Nishida (Kyushu Telecommunication Network Co.,Inc)
[LT] Efforts to the continuous Internet service during a large-scale disasterstreaming.gif Yoshibumi Suematsu (Kyushu Telecommunication Network Co.,Inc)
13:15 Lunch Break
14:45 JANOG Update & Open mic streaming.gif JANOG Committee
15:45 Upward spiral growth with Asia - IT Strategy of Okinawa Prefecture streaming.gif Hirofumi Abe (Asia Okinawa iDC Association/SoftBank Corp.)
Tadaaki Tokashiki (Asia Okinawa iDC Association/Okinawa Cross Head Coop.)
Hidemasa Yamashiro(Asia Okinawa iDC Association/Okinawa Data Center Corp.)
16:15 Break
16:45 Pros and Cons. of Various Traffic Control Technics streaming.gif Yoshinobu Matsuzaki (Internet Initiative Japan Inc.)
17:45 End of Day 2 Sessions
19:00 Social Event (@Shell Hall 7th Floor)

*Pre-Registration and fee required.

Day 3 - 8th July, 2016 (Fri.)

Time Agenda Presenter
9:30 Site Open
9:45 Opening
10:00 NIRAI
Zero Touch Provisioning streaming.gif Shishio Tsuchiya (Cisco Systems G.K.)
SHELL HALL How about EDNS-client-subnet, now a.k.a. RFC7871? streaming.gif Ichiro Mizukoshi (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation)
Yoshiki Ishida (Japan Network Enabler Corporation)
Ryuichi Takashima (DMM.com Labo Co.,Ltd.)
Yoshibumi Suematsu (Kyushu Telecommunication Network Co., Inc.)
11:00 NIRAI
Is your MQ all right? - Think about better use of MQ - streaming.gif Hiroyasu Ohyama (DMM.com Labo Co.,Ltd.)
Hiroki Ito (SAKURA Internet Inc.)
Kohei Asano (Works Applications Co.,Ltd.)
SHELL HALL Root DNS anycast performance in South Asia & Japan streaming.gif Anurag Bhatia (Hurricane Electric)
11:45 Break
12:15 Deep Learning Practices and Challenges in IoT ~ Realization of Intelligent Networks~ streaming.gif Daisuke Tanaka (Preferred Networks, Inc.)
Shuzo Kashihara (Preferred Networks, Inc.)
13:00 [LT]All about the ARP Troubles streaming.gif Issei Inoue (IDC Frontier Inc.)
[LT]Made myself a Peering Visualization Tool streaming.gif Yutaka Kumamoto (mitene internet co., ltd.)
[LT]Circumstances after IPv4 IP Address depletion streaming.gif Shin Shirahata (Fullroute Pte. Ltd.)
13:15 Lunch Break
14:45 How the infrastructure has supported DMM.com so far and hereafter streaming.gif Ryuichi Takashima (DMM.com Labo Co.,Ltd.)
15:45 Yahoo Japan's IP CLOS Network kinshi.png Kenya Murakoshi (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
16:30 Break
17:00 Yes, we can! Data driven Fault detection streaming.gif Kaname Nishizuka (NTT Communications Corporation)
Satoshi Kamei (NTT Communications Corporation)
Ken Sasaki (DMM.com Labo Co.,Ltd.)
18:00 Closing / Next Meeting Announcement
18:30 End of JANOG 38 Meeting